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What You Should Know About Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common causes of death in the United States and throughout the world. The good news is that 80% of heart disease is preventable. You can lower your risk by changing your lifestyle. Here are some ways to increase your heart health. But don’t forget to consult your doctor about your heart health!

Ageing in your heart’s electrical system may lead to arrhythmias. These abnormal heart rhythms may cause your heart to pump blood less efficiently. You may also develop an irregular heartbeat that is not consistent with the rest of your body. Atherosclerosis can also cause your arteries to become narrowed. Eventually, this can lead to a heart attack. Blood clots may even block blood flow completely and cause your heart muscle to die.

Eating a heart-healthy diet is essential to maintaining your health. Include whole grains, fruits, low-fat dairy, fish, nuts, and poultry in your diet. Limit your consumption of red meat and sugary drinks. Getting regular check-up’s can help your blood pressure stays normal and reduce your risk of heart disease. Also, get enough exercise. Doing 30 minutes of brisk walking, swimming, or bicycling each day can improve your heart’s health.

A cholesterol home test kit can be purchased at a medical supply store or pharmacy. These test kits allow you to monitor your cholesterol between doctor visits and can produce results in a matter of minutes. There are electronic and manual versions of these tests, as well as the traditional manual type. Electronic test kits are convenient and can store and display your results. A blood pressure monitor can also be purchased. But you should remember that you should always consult with your doctor for the most accurate results.