Improving Employability Skills Workshops for Students with Disabilities

During our employability skills workshops, students will learn a whole host of different employment skills. We have devised a range of group and solo activities that are based on improving employment skills. This include team building exercises, real-life workplace scenarios and different activities relating to business structure, this can be extremely beneficial. We also inform over laws and workers’ rights when it comes to having a disability in the workplace.

Important Employability Skills

Some of the core skills that we cover include;


We teach students to be effective communicators, we run through appropriate language in the workplace and how to handle certain situations which may arise. We teach how to communicate effectively.


We have devised a set of teamwork activities to help you work as part of a team in a working environment. These are set up to help you build confidence when working with others and to have a voice.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is a fundamental part of working in most professions and can also be a great life skill.

Initiative and Enterprise

Initiative and enterprise are key skills that employers look for. Being able to come up with ideas and being able to take things upon yourself is essential.

Planning and Organisation

Planning and organisation will help you keep on top of your workload. We will help you with prioritising, as well as planning and organising large tasks.


Self-management is essential when it comes to working, you need to take it upon yourself to manage tasks.


Learning all the employability skills you need to secure I job will aid in you continuing to learn on the job. We can teach in many different ways to suit any learning style and pace.


We teach students how to use assistive technologies that can benefit them in the workplace. We also offer this to university staff and employers so that they are on the same page.