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How Use My Ability Help those with Impairments to Find a Job

At Use My Ability we try our best to help those with impairments to find a job that they will enjoy. There are many ways that we can help you find employment by giving you advice on the following:


  • Developing your skills
  • Abilities to support employment skills
  • Impacts impairments have on abilities
  • Different approaches to employability


If you have any impairments that you feel could hold you back from getting a job then Use My Ability could be the best place for you to look for advice.

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Advice on How to Develop your Skills: Impairments


We will give you advice on the different ways you can develop your skills. If you feel your impairment could be getting in the way of your employability then we provide you with the advice on the skills you would need in order to contribute effectively to a team. We can advise you about courses and different programs that will give you the skills you need to get your dream jobno matter what impairments you have. helping people with impairments find a job disability symbol wheelchair

What the Project Goals are

At Use My Ability we believe that everyone should have a fair chance at finding employment regardless of what impairments they may have. One of our main goals is to try and reduce the amount of discrimination that those with a disability face. We aim to do this by helping students gain the skills they need in order to find a job.

How we help People with Impairments Find Employment


First of all, at Use My Ability we try to offer the best advice in order to help you understand what skills you will need to gain so you can get the job you want. Secondly, we work alongside Universities to help you find where you would be able to gain these skills. Thirdly, we can give you advice on which type of businesses would be looking to take on staff with the new skills you will gain.