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How Schools prepare pupils with Learning Disabilities for Work

Education is extremely important for everyone in order to get a job. This is why schools try and make sure they provide the best help that they can for their pupils to help them in the future. Children learn in many ways and at different speeds. This is why it is important that schools can provide more than one type of learning style. However, for children with learning disabilities, it can be harder to keep up with the work in classes and they may need extra support to help them do certain tasks. There are many ways that schools can prepare pupils with learning disabilities for work by using the following techniques:

  • Help from classroom support assistants
  • After school and lunchtime learning clubs
  • Giving extra time for tests
  • Meetings with support assistants
  • Extra support in lessons


How Teachers help Pupils with Learning Disabilities

There are a number of ways that teachers can help pupils with learning disabilities. For example, teachers can alter lessons depending on the child’s learning and can incorporate tasks within the lessons to help the child. If the child doesn’t understand something or is struggling then whilst other children are set on the task, extra help can be given to the children who need it. Children can also be put into different groups and be given tasks that they can do at their own speed. This means they are all learning the way they should and not being rushed or kept behind with work. Teachers can spend a lot of time with pupils to ensure they get the right support they need and that they are comfortable with the work in class. Classroom support assistants can also take time out and help the children who are struggling to do the classwork.

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How Lessons can help

Different teaching methods can be useful when helping students with learning disabilities. Not everyone learns in the same way which is why it is important that schools are able to give students access to different techniques. For example, reading books, working in groups and allowing time out of class to speak to teachers to go over things they feel they aren’t understanding.

Out of Class Groups

pupils with learning disabilities school bus on way to after school clubs to help with lessons

Out of class groups can be beneficial for pupils with learning disabilities. They are also beneficial for other students that are struggling with a specific area of work.  After school and lunchtime clubs are great for spending extra time doing class work that children are struggling with. At these clubs, new methods can be taught and more help can be given to all pupils. This can help ensure children can keep up with the work going on in class.