Teaching Technology

How IT Is Being Integrated Into Classrooms


Traditional schools have had pen and paper as well as pencil. But now increasingly more and more schools are adopting new technologies such as iPads and laptops in order to help pupils excel. Part of the reason for this is that these devices have access to more information online. Furthermore, having IT skills is of high importance for students as they head into adulthood as the majority of professions now require the use of a computer.  However, this does beg the question as to whether to much It is being integrated into the learning space? And what effects – positive or negative might this have overall?

Traditional Teaching Methods

Traditional teaching methods have used pen and paper for centuries and these resources have been highly valued by many generations. However, over the past twenty years teaching within the classroom has changed rapidly to the point where paper and pen has almost been phased out in favour of tablets, computers and digital resources. Whilst this may well be a step in the right direction it begs questions about a number of fundamental skills and whether they could forgotten or overlooked in favour of technology.

One of these key skills is handwriting. Handwriting skills are important so that students can write legibly when needed. Phasing out pen and paper from the classroom would mean that students would have little to no knowledge or experience of writing which could have an affect on their learning and their future life overall.


How Can Technology Enhance Learning In The Classroom?

Previous studies have already indicated that there are a variety of different ways through which technology can enhance learning in the classroom overall. One significant positive change that technology has had in the classroom is overall engagement. Many pupils that are actively participating in a lesson by answering questions on a computer or tablet is far more likely to be engaged with their work.

Another way in which technology can enhance leaning in the classroom is access to the internet. Internet access for pupils can be a great benefit as they can conduct their own research into different topics and areas. Internet access allows far greater numbers of materials to be looked at and used as part of a lesson for a class.


What Might The Future Be For Teaching?

Teaching has and will continue to change for many years to come. However, some schools are already implementing new subjects and shorter days at school in order to adapt to changes within society. In the near future there are likely to be far more changes in society that prompt changes in the way lessons are delivered. One potential change could be more learning from home via a computer as increasingly teachers are under more and more strain to deal with heavy workloads and larger classes.


Overall to conclude it is clear that technology plays an important role in education and it is likely to continue to do so for many years to come.