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Having A Varied Skillset- Skills For Life

In the current world we live in the jobs market is becoming ever-more competitive and increasingly people are having to gain a larger portfolio in order to be noticed or even considered by many employers even for manual labour or low skilled roles. There are a variety of advantages to fain from building up your skillset overall and it can help improve your personal development as well a life skills in general.

How Can I Develop A Varied Skillset?

There are a range of different ways in which you can develop a varied skillset overall. One of the best ways through which you can begin to develop a varied skillset overall is by attending skills workshops. Skills workshops are often setup by charities as well as businesses and can offer free training and skills based on a variety of different areas and factors.

Another excellent way through which you can begin to develop a varied skillset is by volunteering some of your time. Volunteering your time with charities and other organisations can be highly beneficial as you can learn new important skills such as handling and managing stock , customer service , communication skills etc.

Why Is Having A Varied Skillset Important?

Having a varied skillset is important because it can set you apart from other candidates when making job applications. In many different career paths employers will often look for candidates who have a varied set of skills as this sets them apart from others and shows that they are more prepared to learn new skills and could bring more to the table potentially than some of the other candidates.

As well as improving your job prospects a varied skillset can also improve your overall knowledge and experience of different roles and activities. For example if you train in first aid you can then use this skill in future again if needed. Furthermore it could lead to further development within that particular area e.g moving from working in a voluntary role managing a shop to management within a supermarket or office in future.

Where Can I Develop New Skills?

There are a variety of different institutions as well as organisations where you can develop new skills. One of the best places from where you can develop new skills is further education. Further education e.g college or university can help you to improve organisational skills , study skills , cooking , finances etc.

Furthermore whilst you are there there are a number of different support networks which you can access in order to ensure that you have adequate guidance overall.Another great place where you can develop new skills is during an internship or work placement. These schemes are designed to give you important skills that you can then go on to use in the future.

Having a varied and wide range of skills can be a big advantage within the world of work and just in general. In conclusion skill building is an ongoing process which should be pursued throughout your lifetime in order to be successful.