Tarmac driveways should also meet the road nicely.

How Tarmac Driveways Can Improve Your Business’ Accessibility

It’s true today that most businesses are going the extra mile to ensure their premises and facilities are accessible to all. This includes the elderly, those with impairments and those who are less-abled. A tarmac driveway or even tarmac driveways can improve your business’ accessibility and allow more and more clients to get through the doors of your business without facing any obstacles or hurdles.

Read on and find out more about how tarmac driveways could improve the lives of your customers.

Tarmac driveways being laid by large pieces of machinery.

Tarmac Driveways Leading To Accessible Entrance

Some businesses have only one accessible entrance. This may not always be the one where the carpark is located. Use tarmac driveways to make sure your less-abled clientele are taken directly to the door which will provide them with the easiest access to your premises. Most people with impairments or disabilities will be arriving at your business by car or by public transport so it’s important to ensure that these vehicles can get as close as possible to your doors. These should lead all the way from the road, up to the door. People want to have a smooth journey from home to destination, so this would help.


Driveways That Extend Up Ramps For Smoother Transport

As you will probably know, a great way to increase the accessibility of your business is to install ramps at your entrances and exits. This makes the journey in and out of the store or business far smoother for those in wheelchair or crutches. However, many ramps do not connect smoothly with the ground or with the floor level in the business. If you are having tarmac driveways installed then you may as well have this material extend up the ramps to ensure a smooth footing for all going in or out. This just makes the area a lot more welcoming, and will probably help the ramp to blend in with the appearance of the exterior. Metal ramps can often look unsightly for businesses, so helping it blend and be an unassuming feature will normalise its place within the business’ grounds.

Business who has invested in tarmac driveways to improve accessibility.

Install Driveway And Drop The Kerb

If you are going to be installing tarmac driveways around your business or premises, then you need to make sure you have the right planning permission. Councils need to be notified before you lay new driveways as you need to ensure you have adequate drainage and are laying it in a safe area. You will also need their permission to drop the kerb at the side of the road. If you do not drop the kerb then not only will the accessibility of your business be poor, it will also be against regulation. A dropped kerb and approved planning permission will make this the perfect venture.